Hi hi!

My name is Jade Woo and I love adventuring, documenting life, dancing like a weirdo and most importantly DOGS. That sweet pup above is my whole world. Her name is Finn and I could talk about her for days but that's not what this page is about (although she deserves her own website). I call Mammoth Lakes, a tiny mountain town in California, home and I have most of my life. I grew up dancing around the 4 sq. miles taking photos of EVERYTHING. Photography has always been my dream and after 4 years of second shooting, it has become my reality.

 My philosophy is to document not produce. My job is to document you exactly as you are, not produce a posed photo. I want you to want these photos. I want to tell YOUR story and for people to feel something when they see my photos, like they know the exact emotions of when it was taken. I like to capture the little moments that might be forgotten, the moments that you are truly yourself. The little in-between moments and the big exciting ones, together, are what tell each story. 

Life happens so fast and one day it will all be a memory and the kids won't be kids anymore and suddenly it's your 50th anniversary. I strive to create something that will still bring tears to your eyes when you get to that point. I'm not really about the posed traditional photos, I want you to close your eyes and get deep in your feels and just be present with your loves. Those are the moments I like to capture. I can give you a view of yourself that you don't often get to see, while giving you a small piece of my heart. 

When I look through my camera, into your life, I want to see what makes you, YOU and be able to show that. I want to walk away knowing I gained new friends and feel inspired to tell more stories.

This is who I am. Take me to your favorite spot in the middle of a desert, or to the top of a mountain and show me who you are. I will do the rest.